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Leister Triac-S Tips

June 1, 2011

You probably know that the most popular Leister Triac-S tip is the 40mm wide slot nozzle.  But did you know that Leister offers a whole array of other tips?


The 20mm wide slot nozzle is great for detail work.  The angled 20mm nozzle with 60º bend and the 20mm nozzle with 90º bend are ideal for detail work in hard to reach places.  Leister also makes a 5mm “pencil tip” nozzle.

In the majority of our Triac gun sales, the customer orders the Triac-S gun with 40mm tip.  We also offer the Triac gun with a 20mm tip.  And if you’re looking for a Do-Everything option, our Triac-S Kit comes with both the 40mm and 20mm nozzles, an extra element, high quality single ply shears, a 1-3/4″ silicone roller, and a convertable weld seam tester.

Roofmaster is a Leister authorized sales and service dealer with 4 locations across the U.S.A. to serve you.


Not all Generators are created equal!

June 3, 2010
With the new Leister Varimat V2‘s now in stock, we should look at some of the critical pieces of equipment necessary to run your Varimat V2.  What you do next could affect how much performance you receive out of your new Leister welder.  Do you have the right generator?  Many generators look alike, but they’re not all the same!  Some questions to ask when looking for a generator:
  1. Does it have enough continuous wattage?
  2. Do they have a Power Saver switch?  If not, it may not be an automatic power saver
  3. Does it have an L6-30A outlet for the Varimat?
  4. Does it have an 50-60 amp outlet for the Spider Box?
  5. What engine does it have?  Do you have a local factory trained service center?
  6. Will it run 8 hours a day, 5 days a week?
  7. Do you have the right extension cord and plug?
These are all questions you should ask before buying a generator to run your Leister hot air welders.  Roofmaster stocks and services the Winco brand generators, available as 12kW with a 20HP Honda engine and an 18kW with a 31HP Briggs & Stratton engine.  Roofmaster also has the distinct advantage of being able to offer their flat proof Non-Flat Lite tires on their generators (also available individually as replacements).
  • You see generators in the big box stores advertised for $2000.  Those are great…for running a couple hand guns.  The Varimat V2 requires 4600 watts with 230 Volts.  Some of these generators may meet these requirements with their peak output, but the internal components of the Varimat can be damaged and will shutdown if continuous wattage and voltage requirements aren’t met.
  • Does it have a Power Saver switch?  If it does, you’ll want to turn the Power Saver switch off, so you won’t experience a fluctuation in voltage.  If your generator doesn’t have a Power Saver switch, it will most likely run in a power saving scenario.  The Power Saver switch fluctuates the engine speed according to voltage/amp draw.  With most equipment this saves fuel, but with a Varimat this fluctuation is hard on the electronic boards.
  • Does it have the right outlets?  The money you “save” on a bargain generator may be offset by expensive cord conversions and adapters.  And your equipment may not run properly if not using the correct plugs/sockets.
  • What kind of engine is on the generator?  Will it run all day?  Is there a local factory service facility to get your generator back up and running if you encounter any problems?  Roofmaster is Honda factory trained, so we can handle any problems on the Winco generators.
In addition to generators, Roofmaster carries all the necessary extension cords, plugs, sockets, and Portable Power Centers (Spider Boxes) to help you get the most out of your Leister equipment.

Double Insulated tools

March 18, 2010

We get lots of calls about why the Leister Triac-S gun only has two legs and no ground on its power cord.

Leister Triac-S gun

If you click on oshagroundinfo or osha double insulated, you are able to obtain chapter and verse from O.S.H.A.  Here is the verbage from the O.S.H.A. info sheet:

“Hand held tools manufactured with non-metallic cases are called double-insulated. If approved, they do not require grounding under the National Electrical Code.  Although this design method reduces the risk of grounding deficiencies, a shock hazard can still exist.”

This is good information for your safety meeting planning and you might want to print a copy to keep with your Double Insulated Leister Triac-S.

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