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Better Spreaders – A Better Alternative!

April 10, 2012

You don’t have to rely on paint rollers or spray rigs to put down adhesives on your single ply or EPDM jobs.  If you want to increase your efficiency over rollers but want to avoid the hassle of clean-up, you can turn to The Better Spreader.  This newer series of applicators was developed for roofers interested in competing more effectively in today’s market by a roofer.

This one-step, dispensing and rolling system comes in 4 different models and replacement rollers.

The original model was the 14″ Better Spreader.  It suspends a 5 gallon can of bonding adhesives directly over a 14″ roller, for a quick, clean bonding adhesive dispenser that eliminates the mess of hand rolling and spray rigs while saving you time and money.

The Better Spreader

The next model is the Doublewide Better Spreader.  This is a 27″ double version of the original Better Spreader that doubles the speed and applies your adhesive in one, continuous motion resulting in a streamlined distribution three times the width of 9″ rollers.

Doublewide Better Spreader

The third model is The Super Spreader.  This behemoth accurately applies more than 300 sq. ft. per minute! Its 40″ polyethylene tank allows fast application and easy clean-up. Forty-inch disposable rollers make accurate coverage simple and FAST in three easy steps:
Fill • Apply • Drain

Super Spreader

The newest model is the Super-Mini Spreader.  This is the 14″ version of the Super Spreader – perfect for the smaller, detail jobs.  The Super-Mini, with 14-inch disposable rollers, has the same easy clean-up polyethylene tank, but in the smaller size. No need to put holes in cans. Pour just what you need into the 5-gallon tank.

Super-Mini Spreader

Replacement rollers are available for every model.  For easy shipping, they come 9 per carton.


Transporting Single Ply Rolls On The Deck

August 30, 2011

Single ply roofing is currently one of the most popular methods of roofing for commercial applications.  Most material handling units, including conveyors and carts, were engineered with built-up roofing products in mind – namely tar, felt, gravel, etc.  These were (relatively) easy to get to the roof deck using hoists and ladders with hoisting wheels.  Rolls of single ply present a different challenge, as they come in lengths from 6′ up to 12′ and can weigh up to 800lbs, so it’s not as easy as piling rolls on a dolly or wheelbarrow and carting them to where they’re being installed.

Currently, we’ve heard stories of guys having to manually carry these rolls over the deck, which seems back-breaking!  We’ve also heard that our insulation carrier (with or without back wheels) can be used like an oversized dolly (forks are wide enough to balance the rolls).  Two other back-saving methods are to place the rolls on a 4-wheel trailer (and use the pins in the pin pockets to prevent roll-off) or to use our newly re-designed Single-Ply Roll Carrier.  All of these carts are offered with pneumatic or our Non-Flat Lite tires. Note: we recommend the rear-wheels for the insulation carrier.  Heavier loads are easier to move on the deck.

Our Single-Ply Roll Carrier is capable of carrying single-ply rolls up to 10 feet wide. It uses a mandrel that separates down into two (2) lightweight sections for easier handling and/or shipping. It breaks down for easy transportation anywhere (roof or ground); has large tires (18 x 8.50) that make it easy to roll on any deck by any size person; and it has an intermediate handle location to make it very easy to lift up rolls and maneuver them around the roof decks!

Care about quality? Not all shears are the same!

January 25, 2011

The Wiss 1225 High Leverage Shear is fast becoming the first choice for the professional single ply installer.

Some of the features include: a bent handle design which adds leverage when cutting extra thick materials.  They have been precision engineered by Wiss to give you longer cutting life, maximum cutting edge hardness and durability.  They feature nickel plating, perfect adjustment and the patented Wiss SET-EASY pivot which enables adjustment of the run of the shears to fit individual preference.  But the most unique feature is the blunt nose blade.  This feature allows the installer to run the blade through the material with out snagging beneath.  And if dropped, won’t puncture the material.

It’s not uncommon for an installer to have multiple pairs on hand to ensure having a sharp edge at all times for clean cut, and for a professional finish. These are the finest quality shears you can buy, and we’ve included them in our Leister Triac-S Kit.

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