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Care about quality? Not all shears are the same!

January 25, 2011

The Wiss 1225 High Leverage Shear is fast becoming the first choice for the professional single ply installer.

Some of the features include: a bent handle design which adds leverage when cutting extra thick materials.  They have been precision engineered by Wiss to give you longer cutting life, maximum cutting edge hardness and durability.  They feature nickel plating, perfect adjustment and the patented Wiss SET-EASY pivot which enables adjustment of the run of the shears to fit individual preference.  But the most unique feature is the blunt nose blade.  This feature allows the installer to run the blade through the material with out snagging beneath.  And if dropped, won’t puncture the material.

It’s not uncommon for an installer to have multiple pairs on hand to ensure having a sharp edge at all times for clean cut, and for a professional finish. These are the finest quality shears you can buy, and we’ve included them in our Leister Triac-S Kit.


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