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Re-Certify Your Retractables

January 30, 2012

During your slow season, you most likely service or repair your essential equipment.  You should extend this line of thought to your self retracting lifelines (retractables).  Guardian retractables should be re-certified every two years from the date it is put into service.  Make sure this in-service date is noted on the I.D. tag.  This ensures that the unit is always in proper working order in the event an accident or fall occurs.  When a retractable comes in for re-certification, we inspect it to make sure that all the components are in proper working condition.  The cable, locking snap hook, brakes and springs are all tested under simulated fall conditions, and any component that fails or shows sign of fatigue must be replaced.  This can include the outer labels, which also act as instruction labels and an inspection chart.


Recertifying your propane tanks

March 29, 2010

Did you know that per DOT regulations, no individual is allowed to fill a cylinder that is overdue for periodic re-qualification with a hazardous material and then offer it for transportation?

More on filling tanks: during a visual inspection, a cylinder that  has any of the following characteristics cannot be filled and offered for transport

  • a crack or leak
  • bulging
  • a defective valve
  • a leaking or defective pressure relief device
  • evidence of physical abuse
  • fire or heat damage
  • detrimental rusting or corrosion

Back to re-certifying.  There is a stamped date on your tank, after 12 years you need to have your tanks re-certified in order to have them filled.  After this first recertification, it’s a 5 year period until your tanks require a visual inspection.  At this point, your propane tank is 17 years old…and it’s probably a good idea to buy a new one.

Roofmaster sells (and can re-certify) all types of propane tanks, from a 5 gallon (20 lb) up to a 25 gallon (100 lb).  We can also fill your propane tanks in our Monterey Park branch

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