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Permanent Horizontal Lifelines

October 21, 2010

Word on the street is OSHA is going to make building owners responsible for permanent fall protection on their buildings, instead of whichever contractor uses the roof.  Needless to say, there is tremendous push back from building owner associations, arguing the burden shouldn’t be on them.  OSHA (may) counter that building owners have the simplest burden and responsibility to provide the lifeline protection, as they’re the singular point of contact.

We can help take the guesswork out of permanent horizontal fall protection.  Introducing Guardian’s Engineered Services Group, combining Guardian’s engineering and installation services with the high quality products of XSPlatforms.  Clients are provided with a professional and cost effective solution unlike anything else offered in today’s fall protection market.

Some of the advantages of the XTS-Impact family of products:

  • Offers the same safety guarantees as traditional anchorage systems.  (CE approved and complies with all relevant safety standards)
  • Easy installation (up to 40 per day), and is mounted on top of existing roofing – no more cutting through insulation or roof covering
  • Can be installed and replaced without any damage to the roof – in case of a fall, the energy of the fall is absorbed by the integrated shock absorber
  • Doesn’t hold up construction schedules – roof can be completed, no need to coordinate all sub-contractors

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