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Non-Flat Lite Kenda Hole-N-One tires

March 22, 2010

We’ve been filling the majority of our on deck equipment tires with our Non-Flat Lite (NFL) foam.  In addition to filling the tires we provide, we can also fill your existing pneumatic tires.

After seeing the amount of flat tires we filled on golf cars, we decided to carry Kenda’s Hole-N-One brand of tires, filled with our NFL foam.  These are 18×8.50-8 tires mounted on 4×4 bolt on rims.  We offer 3 colors of rims:

Kenda Hole N One Silver – P/N 460058

Kenda Hole N One White – P/N 460054

Kenda Hole N One Beige – P/N 460056

If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-533-8873 or shoot us an email: nfl @  In order to give you a quote, we’ll need to know the quantity of tires to be filled, the size of the tire (usually found on the sidewall) and the diameter of the rim.  This allows us to determine the amount of foam needed to fill your tire.

We can fill almost any tire, so long as they’re tubeless (or you’ve removed the tube) and the inside of the tire is clean.  Let us know if you’ve tried using Goop or any of the other tire sealants.  This may affect how the foam reacts.



September 1, 2009

Flat proof tires have been used in industry for many years. There have been foam-filled tires, solid tires and modified foam tires. We’re introducing the newest innovation in flat proof tires: The NFL (Non-Flat Lite) tire!

Non-Flat Lites are made of a light weight Micro-Cellular Polyurethane elastomer that is injected into a regular pneumatic tire, filling the entire air cavity of the tire making it completely flat proof and maintenance-free. Unlike traditional “foam filled” tires, this product is one-third the weight and was specifically designed for applications where heavy equipment loads are critical.

The process of making Non-Flat Lite tires doesn’t produce any environmentally unsafe byproducts, unlike many other chemical sealants. The foam is safe to throw away, and preserves the tread-life, which results in less worn out tires in landfills.

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