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The new UniRoof E; now with 40mm welding!

February 13, 2013

Leister introduced the new and improved UniRoof E 40mm at the 2013 IRE in San Antonio last week.


With its 1.6-inch overlap nozzle, the UNIROOF E 40 mm provides upward of 2900 watts of power with only a 13-amp current. That’s 25 percent more heat than its predecessor, the UNIROOF E. The new nozzle, combined with additional weight over the contact roller, ensures high-quality, uniform welds across roof sheeting made from TPO / FPO, PVC, ECB, EPDM and CSPE. The previous UNIROOF E only had 30 mm welding capabilities.

In addition, the UNIROOF E 40 mm’s compact design makes it ideal for small roofs (less than 5,382 square feet) and areas that are not easily accessible with other welders

UNIROOF E 40 mm features include a controlled temperature and drive output that automatically compensates for voltage fluctuations, ergonomic operation thanks to a new guide bar, high-quality rustproof materials and ample power reserves.  The UNIROOF E 40 mm is the ideal tool for smaller craft and trade businesses (roofers/carpenters), for special applications in poorly accessible roof areas or as an introductory tool for startup companies in the roof sector. The newly developed 40 mm nozzle, combined with the additional weight positioned directly over the contact roller, ensures the highest quality – and all this based on only a 13 A connection current.


Universal Mara-Boot

October 24, 2011

The Universal Mara-Boot provides a permanent watertight and maintenance free means for penetrating roof systems.  The Mara-Boot is able to be used on all types of roof systems and replaces using pitch pans.  Made from EPDM rubber caps and a spun aluminum base, the Mara-Boot eliminates roof leaks from roof penetrations.

The EPDM Cap is made for maximum resistance to weathering, ozone, UV and extreme hot and cold temperatures.  The caps are mechanically sealed to dual beads on the bases and grooves on the inside of the EPDM cap.

Each Cap accommodates two (2) 1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″ and two (2) 3/8″-1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ pipe sizes.  The cap can be trimmed to fit any penetration, from electrical to plumbing, and snugged tight using the 4 supplied stainless steel clamps.


Flange Diameter: 14″
Stack Diameter: 8″
Stack Height: 6″
Total Height (with Boot): 9″

Save your back – use a stand-up tool!

April 27, 2011

Did you ever try to stand up after shooting 8000 nails?  Here’s a great alternative to being hunched over using your pneumatic roofing nailer – The Stand Up tool!

It’s 9 position trigger actuator means it will fit virtually all gun types (with a handle and trigger).  The average house requires 8-10,000 nails shot into the deck or when walls are sheeted on the deck.

This roofing nailer attachment clamps to the gun in seconds with no tool and even adjusts to five different angles with the push of a button.  It even has a hose holder so you don’t have to bend over to grab the hose.  Two contoured handles offer the user excellent control.  Standing up also makes it easier to stay on line too.  The handles can be switched for left hand operation and the support handle is adjustable up and down also.

Are You Into Solar??

November 12, 2010

As government regulations change and more people are adding solar panels to their roofs, we receive calls asking what products we have to make installation of solar panels easier and/or cheaper.  A product we’ve been selling for over a year is the brainchild of another product (CommDeck): SolaDeck.

SolaDeck is a prewired roof-mounted base that serves as a roof terminal for the photovoltaic wiring that comes up through the roof from the inside.  It’s available in several models depending on your wiring requirements.  The SolaDeck also provides a waterproof installation base superior to regular roof penetrations using inferior boots or just mastic or caulking to try to seal the wire harness.

UL 1741

UL 50 Type 3R

The unit is low profiled and fits easily under most solar panels.  Additionally, it is UL approved.  Most models are much cheaper than what an electrician could fabricate.  Use of SolaDeck will provide installation consistency on every job and consistent costing.

Roofmaster carries a variety of products for solar panels and solar installations.  Search “solar” at

Permanent Horizontal Lifelines

October 21, 2010

Word on the street is OSHA is going to make building owners responsible for permanent fall protection on their buildings, instead of whichever contractor uses the roof.  Needless to say, there is tremendous push back from building owner associations, arguing the burden shouldn’t be on them.  OSHA (may) counter that building owners have the simplest burden and responsibility to provide the lifeline protection, as they’re the singular point of contact.

We can help take the guesswork out of permanent horizontal fall protection.  Introducing Guardian’s Engineered Services Group, combining Guardian’s engineering and installation services with the high quality products of XSPlatforms.  Clients are provided with a professional and cost effective solution unlike anything else offered in today’s fall protection market.

Some of the advantages of the XTS-Impact family of products:

  • Offers the same safety guarantees as traditional anchorage systems.  (CE approved and complies with all relevant safety standards)
  • Easy installation (up to 40 per day), and is mounted on top of existing roofing – no more cutting through insulation or roof covering
  • Can be installed and replaced without any damage to the roof – in case of a fall, the energy of the fall is absorbed by the integrated shock absorber
  • Doesn’t hold up construction schedules – roof can be completed, no need to coordinate all sub-contractors

New Heavy Duty Feltslitter option

April 23, 2010

Have you ever had difficulty using your Feltslitter on rubberized  or APP modified bitumen?  Tired of cutting extra thick rolls by hand, or using a reciprocating saw?

We have customers tell us they loved how our Feltslitter cuts through roofing felt like a hot knife through butter, but had trouble cutting thicker, reinforced rolls of modified bitumen.  We have an optional higher horsepower Heavy Duty Power Unit that can be purchased as an upgrade for a new Feltslitter, or purchased as a replacement unit (P/N 242105) for an existing Roofmaster 40″ Powered Feltslitter.  This is a 3/4 hp unit and has proven to be a way to cut those hard to cut rolls.

Unfortunately, this will not fit or work with other manufacturer’s units.  But, since the Roofmaster Feltslitter incorporates an updated design (faster gear-reduction electric motor, grease fittings at critical points, “open” Safety Guard design on the blade holder reduces trapped debris, new heavy-duty mandrel release with grease fittings), it might make sense to replace that old unit with the Roofmaster unit.

Leister Varimat V2 Demos

April 12, 2010

We had a great turnout at our Varimat V2 Demo Day in Monterey Park.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by.  And thank you to the guys over at ABC Supply in Monrovia for donating a roll of TPO for our demo’s.

Everyone that showed up “a doubter” was blown away seeing the V2 weld at 39.3 ft/min and at lower than expected temps (perfect 40mm welds at 900°F in some instances).  The Leister nozzle (patent pending) is almost twice the size of the V nozzle, and allows for more hot air to hit the material.

Carlos from Ruiz Roofing inspects a weld after 39.3 ft/min

Experienced Leister welders were impressed with the quality of welds performed by the new V2, at speeds demonstrated from 6 ft/min up to 39.3 ft/min (more than double the V’s 16.2 ft/min capability).

James shows off a successful weld at 39.3 ft/min and 900F

The demo also gave us the opportunity to show off our Monterey Park Leister Service Center.  We stock all regular Leister parts for both Varimat and Triac S handguns and can still repair the older Variant.  We also have authorized service facilities in Hayward, CA and Kent, WA.

Scott shows a customer the benefits of the air dam

Varimat V2 Demo Day

April 2, 2010

We’re having a Leister Open House on April 9 at our Monterey Park branch.  We’ll be showing off the features and benefits of the new Leister Varimat V2 and demonstrating the 39 feet per minute welding capability.  We’ll also show how to set and manage the welding pre-sets, and how the larger nozzle allows for lower welding temperatures.

Roofmaster will have drinks and sandwiches, so come by to take a look, or send your crew to get a head start on this exciting new tool from Leister!  We’ll be doing demos and answering any questions on Friday, April 9, from 10:00am until 2:00pm.

Roofmaster Products
750 Monterey Pass Rd
Monterey Park, CA 91754


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Non-Flat Lite Kenda Hole-N-One tires

March 22, 2010

We’ve been filling the majority of our on deck equipment tires with our Non-Flat Lite (NFL) foam.  In addition to filling the tires we provide, we can also fill your existing pneumatic tires.

After seeing the amount of flat tires we filled on golf cars, we decided to carry Kenda’s Hole-N-One brand of tires, filled with our NFL foam.  These are 18×8.50-8 tires mounted on 4×4 bolt on rims.  We offer 3 colors of rims:

Kenda Hole N One Silver – P/N 460058

Kenda Hole N One White – P/N 460054

Kenda Hole N One Beige – P/N 460056

If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-533-8873 or shoot us an email: nfl @  In order to give you a quote, we’ll need to know the quantity of tires to be filled, the size of the tire (usually found on the sidewall) and the diameter of the rim.  This allows us to determine the amount of foam needed to fill your tire.

We can fill almost any tire, so long as they’re tubeless (or you’ve removed the tube) and the inside of the tire is clean.  Let us know if you’ve tried using Goop or any of the other tire sealants.  This may affect how the foam reacts.

Make-A-Clamp Kits

March 16, 2010

We’ve heard from many of our customers about these popular Make A Clamp kits.

Normally, these kits come with 50′ of band and 50 clamps.  What we discovered was contractors would run out of band but have buckets of clamps left over.

We’re happy to announce the arrival of a few new kits:

671401 Make A Clamp Kit consists of 100′ of band and 25 clamps

671402 Make A Clamp Kit consists of 50′ of band and 10 clamps

671405 Make A Clamp Kit consists of 100′ of band and 10 clamps

671406 Make A Clamp Kit consists of 50′ of band and 5 clamps

671410 Make A Clamp Kit consists of 8.5′ of band and 3 clamps

We have discontinued the 671400 Make A Clamp (50′ and 50 clamps)

We always appreciate feedback from our customers (, and in this instance, we were able to offer a more tailored product to better suit your needs (with less waste!)

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