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Enter and Leave Your Roof Hatch Safely!

December 15, 2011

Entering and leaving a roof hatch can sometimes be difficult if all you have to grab is the side or body of the roof hatch. Although it’s not code, a simple, inexpensive accessory is available for roof hatches to facilitate easy ingress and egress through the opening.

Roofmaster manufactures a Roof Hatch Grabber Bar. It mounts to all metal roof hatches to provide a safe means for workers to hold on to when entering/exiting through the hatch. It comes with all necessary hardware to mount it to the side of the hatch.

Construction is tubular galvanized steel with an exterior grade exterior-grade paint giving many years of rust-free service. The Grabber Bar fits all sizes of roof hatches.

The Basemate Ladder Stabilizer

March 12, 2010

We’d like to introduce the Basemate Ladder Stabilizer!

Basemate - P/N 103050

This is a neat ladder leveler that is unique in that it’s the only design out there that is non-penetrating.  It also can be installed on most fiberglass, aluminum and wood extension ladders.  It features a patented triple action locking system with one foot operation, and two built-in bubble indicators that will show when you’re level with the ground.

Why risk a serious injury due to falling from an unsafe ladder, when you can throw one of these in the back of your truck, and attach to virtually any of your ladders on the fly!  Great as a gift for the Do-It-Yourselfer who’s used to stacking bricks or rocks under one leg to stabilize a ladder on a slant (or stairs)

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