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Proper use of your “Rattle Can” aka Aerosol Spray Paints

September 18, 2017

Growing up in Texas everyone knew aerosol spray paints by the nickname of “Rattle Cans.”   That’s because the directions told you to shake the can up to mix the ingredients (pigments, solids, solvents) before spraying.  Inside each can is a plastic ball the helps to mix the ingredients together before spraying that makes a noise when it bounces off the inside of the can like a baby rattle, or toy.

Below are two “Tips” for extending the life of your spray paint can.

First, if you don’t shake the can well enough, the paint may come out in a stream instead of the normal aerosol spray, making it difficult or impossible to spray on your target or object.  This is especially true in cold weather.  Many roofers in the winter months keep their paint inside the truck, or put it on a warm truck hood to bring the temperature up to a normal spray range of around 70 degrees.

Here is the second “Tip” to extend the life of your spray paint can: after you’ve finished your job and still have paint in your can, turn the can upside down and spray the paint out until the spray runs clear.  This is the solvent that cleans the line and tip from paint and prevents the tip or line from clogging with dried paint.

I’ve had paint that I put on the shelf in the garage that is still reusable after 6 or 7 years.

by: Chris Cook Independent Rep for W.R. Cook & Associates, Southwest


Keep Spreading the Love

May 1, 2017

We’ve continued our contest on to the end of June!

RoofmasterFP-8-5x11-100-contest 630

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Love Roofmaster flashing paint? Enter to win a chance at $100

February 27, 2017

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Painting Galvanized Flashings

July 12, 2010

We get calls from homeowners and contractors asking how to properly treat galvanized vents and other flashings before applying our Roofmaster Flashing Paint.  Manufacturers of these vents and flashings apply a slick priming oil which prevents the flashings from rusting.  Flashing Paint won’t properly adhere to the flashing with the presence of this oil.

There are solvents available on the market for cutting this priming oil, but here’s a quick and cheap tip that most people will already have at home.  Make a solution of about 10% vinegar and 90% water, and use this to clean and prep the surface.  This cleans and etches the surface of the flashing, which allows for better paint adherence.  For extra strong hold, prime the surface first.

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