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Introducing Roofmaster’s New Drain Portal

July 3, 2012

We were excited to introduce our new drains portal, at last week’s Western States Roofing Expo in Las Vegas.

This new site allows you to use our step by step Advanced Drain Finder to find virtually any drain, dome or ring.  It also features a Drain FAQ, Advanced Search, Spec Sheets and info on the differences between New Installation and RetroFit drains.

Roofmaster features drains by leading Manufacturers such as Marathon, Josam, Smith, Zurn, LSP, Thunderbird and Frank Pattern.

This new site can help you identify and replace all those broken and hard to find cast iron rings and domes based on measurements taken in the field.


Rainy season reminder – keep your drains clear of debris

January 18, 2011

Lack of a maintenance program can spell disaster if the building owner doesn’t keep his roof drains clean.  Roofs have collapsed under the weight of ponded water that is unable to drain due to blocked or clogged roof drains.

With the rainy season upon us, many building owners are content if their roofs don’t leak, and forgo routine inspections.  If you’re uncomfortable or unwilling to venture up to inspect your roof, call your roofer.  Many offer routine maintenance as part of their service offerings.

If you do have low-lying sections of the roof that are prone to ponding, you can use a product such as the Lexsuco Solar Drain.  The solar powered drain is capable of moving ponded water up to 50′ away to an existing roof drain.

We carry a full line of replacement rings and domes from the major manufacturers such as Zurn, Josam, Marathon, Frank Pattern and Jay R Smith, in addition to copper retro-fit, ABS, and cast iron small and large drain bodies.

Have something that you can’t identify?  We’re experts at tracking down those odd clamping rings and domes.  We can usually figure it out if you can tell us the color, bolt pattern (3 bolt, 4 bolt…open or closed bolt), inside dimensions, outer dimensions, and bolt-to-bolt dimensions along with any casting number you may be able to identify.

Help! My cast iron drains have rusted out!

October 27, 2010

Have you ever been on the roof (either your own, or inspecting/estimating for a new job) and have come across ancient cast iron drains or domes that appear older than time?  You’ve probably seen cracked or missing domes and drain bodies that are rusted out.

If you’re only trying to fix or replace the drains, you have a couple of options.  But first, if the drain itself looks rusted, you may also have a problem with the outlet pipes.

You can check the pipes integrity by plugging the outlet and filling with water to the edge of the drain.  Does the water level stay?  If so, your outlet pipe is ok.  If there is a slow leak, where does the water level remain constant?  This is where your problem with the outlet pipe lies.

OK, back to the drain.  The best solution is to install a retro-fit drain, which will be inserted into the existing outlet pipe after doing some initial prep work.  First you’ll have to grind down any protruding portions of the bowl lip.  Next, you should prime the surface with 2 heavy coats of an asphalt primer.

After the primer dries, set a copper retro fit drain (such as a ProLiner) in a layer of mastic over your base sheet.  For Coppertite brand drains, the outlet has an expanding tape to seal to the outside pipe (in the ProLiner’s case, use of a ProLiner tool kit expands the outlet to form a mechanical metal-to-metal watertight seal).  Apply pressure to the drain flange to get a good seal to the deck.

ProLiner copper Retro-fit drain

If the underside of the drain can be accessed a new drain can be easily installed with the type best suited, cast iron, copper,  or plastic.  It’s always advisable to have a drain with a clamping ring to insure a lasting seal between the drain and the roof membrane

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