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The original Dragin Wagon

April 7, 2010

Did you know that Roofmaster bought the exclusive rights and trademarks to the Dragin Wagon when United Construction went out of business in 2006?

The “Original 7 Burner Dragin Wagon” still out sells all others and is the #1 choice of roofers because of its lightweight ease of use and the consistency of the flow of heat.  This is due to the construction of the manifold and burner heads being made of stainless steel.  The burner heads are precision manufactured and still imported (at greater expense) from Germany. The consistent flame is adjusted by the dual control handle (also imported from Germany) and can be done while in operation so you do not have to stop production while controlling your flame.  The torch manifold slides to adjust the flame distance, height and angle for precise application of heat and speed of production and allows the burners to move closer to the material roll as it gets smaller.

Roofmaster carries replacement parts for the Dragin Wagon, just search “dragin wagon parts” on

Remember, don’t use open flames on plywood decks, and make sure you have the proper fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, in addition to a safety spotter to ensure the person operating the Dragin Wagon doesn’t trip or fall backwards


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