Enter and Leave Your Roof Hatch Safely!


Entering and leaving a roof hatch can sometimes be difficult if all you have to grab is the side or body of the roof hatch. Although it’s not code, a simple, inexpensive accessory is available for roof hatches to facilitate easy ingress and egress through the opening.

Roofmaster manufactures a Roof Hatch Grabber Bar. It mounts to all metal roof hatches to provide a safe means for workers to hold on to when entering/exiting through the hatch. It comes with all necessary hardware to mount it to the side of the hatch.

Construction is tubular galvanized steel with an exterior grade exterior-grade paint giving many years of rust-free service. The Grabber Bar fits all sizes of roof hatches.


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4 Responses to “Enter and Leave Your Roof Hatch Safely!”

  1. Enter and Leave Your Roof Hatch Safely! | Roofaholic.com Says:

    […] full post on Always On Top Tags: Enter, Hatch, Leave, Roof, Safely Posted in Roofmaster […]

  2. Roof Masters Maine Says:

    Will these roof hatches lock. I have a customer that has a bedroom the leads to a city roof top. It is necessary that the hatch has a lock.

  3. enderberett Says:

    Do you think that my roofing contractor could help me install one of these? I could really use the extra help, since I’m not very good at it. I would really appreciate any advice or tips as well.

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