Transporting Single Ply Rolls On The Deck


Single ply roofing is currently one of the most popular methods of roofing for commercial applications.  Most material handling units, including conveyors and carts, were engineered with built-up roofing products in mind – namely tar, felt, gravel, etc.  These were (relatively) easy to get to the roof deck using hoists and ladders with hoisting wheels.  Rolls of single ply present a different challenge, as they come in lengths from 6′ up to 12′ and can weigh up to 800lbs, so it’s not as easy as piling rolls on a dolly or wheelbarrow and carting them to where they’re being installed.

Currently, we’ve heard stories of guys having to manually carry these rolls over the deck, which seems back-breaking!  We’ve also heard that our insulation carrier (with or without back wheels) can be used like an oversized dolly (forks are wide enough to balance the rolls).  Two other back-saving methods are to place the rolls on a 4-wheel trailer (and use the pins in the pin pockets to prevent roll-off) or to use our newly re-designed Single-Ply Roll Carrier.  All of these carts are offered with pneumatic or our Non-Flat Lite tires. Note: we recommend the rear-wheels for the insulation carrier.  Heavier loads are easier to move on the deck.

Our Single-Ply Roll Carrier is capable of carrying single-ply rolls up to 10 feet wide. It uses a mandrel that separates down into two (2) lightweight sections for easier handling and/or shipping. It breaks down for easy transportation anywhere (roof or ground); has large tires (18 x 8.50) that make it easy to roll on any deck by any size person; and it has an intermediate handle location to make it very easy to lift up rolls and maneuver them around the roof decks!


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