Leister Triac-S Tips


You probably know that the most popular Leister Triac-S tip is the 40mm wide slot nozzle.  But did you know that Leister offers a whole array of other tips?


The 20mm wide slot nozzle is great for detail work.  The angled 20mm nozzle with 60º bend and the 20mm nozzle with 90º bend are ideal for detail work in hard to reach places.  Leister also makes a 5mm “pencil tip” nozzle.

In the majority of our Triac gun sales, the customer orders the Triac-S gun with 40mm tip.  We also offer the Triac gun with a 20mm tip.  And if you’re looking for a Do-Everything option, our Triac-S Kit comes with both the 40mm and 20mm nozzles, an extra element, high quality single ply shears, a 1-3/4″ silicone roller, and a convertable weld seam tester.

Roofmaster is a Leister authorized sales and service dealer with 4 locations across the U.S.A. to serve you.


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