Save your back – use a stand-up tool!


Did you ever try to stand up after shooting 8000 nails?  Here’s a great alternative to being hunched over using your pneumatic roofing nailer – The Stand Up tool!

It’s 9 position trigger actuator means it will fit virtually all gun types (with a handle and trigger).  The average house requires 8-10,000 nails shot into the deck or when walls are sheeted on the deck.

This roofing nailer attachment clamps to the gun in seconds with no tool and even adjusts to five different angles with the push of a button.  It even has a hose holder so you don’t have to bend over to grab the hose.  Two contoured handles offer the user excellent control.  Standing up also makes it easier to stay on line too.  The handles can be switched for left hand operation and the support handle is adjustable up and down also.


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