Cotton Mops 101


Several types and styles of cotton mops and yarn have been available to spread hot asphalt as far back as known.  Hanks, pin heads and screw type heads are still used in both blue and white yarns.  To break it down there are three different types and styles roofers can choose from.

The different yarns consist of Blue, White singles (1MC) and White plied. Blue yarn has historically been a waste product from blue jean type products.  It has always been the cheapest since it is a by-product the mills had no use for and wanted to get rid of.  The downside is it lasts the least amount of time, consisting of single strands and having been dyed a color weakens it and will reduce the lifespan.  White singles or 1MC is a good middle grade product.  Although still being single strands it has not been through the stresses of being dyed.  While not a waste product is will cost a little more but will last a little longer as well.  White Plied is considered by most the top line choice.  These yarns consist of pure white yarn spun together to make 2, 3 and 4 ply strands that are then used for the mops.

The different styles consist of Hanks, Pin heads or Screw heads.  Hanks (or Skeins as they are sometimes called) are simply cuts of yarn bundled together.  The typical Hank is wrapped in a 30” long bundle weighing 2-1/2 lb. Roofers make their own mops with these adding multiple hanks to make a weight they like using with staples or wire  through a mop bell.  Pin mops and Screw mops are simply pre- made mops consisting of weights from 1-1/2 lb. up to 4-1/2 lb. per mop.  With Pin heads you simply slip the mop over a sleeve on the handle and use a cotter pin or nail to hold it on while Screw mops screw into the sleeve on the handle.

While different yarns are used all over the East the styles in which they are used seems to be more regional.  Because of this we stock and supply all types and styles of these mops out of our Southeast branch.  Raw pure cotton yarn for manufacturers to use is becoming harder and harder to find since many Mills have closed over the last 20 years.  Because of this pricing of cotton mops and hanks for the roofing industry are getting higher and higher.


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