More info on retractables and roof anchors


Roofmaster offers a large variety of retractables ranging from 11 feet up to 65 feet. These include the Web Nylon, Edge, Daytona and Aardvark series of retractable lifelines.

Use the Web for very short applications (11’). The Edge comes in 30’, 50’ and 65’ models. It is one of the heavier-duty models, but is a little heavier (due to the heavy-duty feature & metal frame). The Daytona is a newer design than the Edge, is a little less expensive, and comes in 50’ & 65’ sizes. The 65’ is heavy-duty and for the money, is the best value between the two sizes (based on your application needs).

The newest budget-minded model from Guardian is the Aardvark series. The Aardvark comes in 25’ and 50’ lengths. It has been re-engineered to be more compact & lightweight than the other models. One difference with the Aardvark from the other models is if you are going to use the Aardvark with a short anchor, the Aardvark cannot be laid on its side. If you lay it on its side, when you retract it, it may become jammed. The way you avoid jamming, is to buy an additional accessory called an Armadillo (somebody at Guardian must like weird animals).

The Armadillo holds the Aardvark vertically so it will not jam. It also has four casters that allows for full 180o movement on the roofdeck. If you use your Aardvark with a Skymast 3-Man Anchor System, you will not need an Armadillo. See our part # 412350 for details of the Skymast system.

The Skymast system allows for up to three-men to attach three (3) retractables (Edge, Daytona or Aardvark) with 360o mobility on the roofdeck. It mounts on the ridge or on a flat surface. The Skymast is used in conjunction with a Skyhook (base). The Skyhook base comes in a flat base or various pitches. You must order the pitched Skyhooks based on the pitch you’re installing it. The pitched Skyhook is not variable; it is made to the specific pitch of the roofdeck. See various pitches available.

Another anchor (short) that is available is P/N 412362 (Hinged HD Reusable Anchor). This anchor has a HD Ring that can be used on either a flat surface or a pitched surface at any angle. It may be reused repeatedly, many times.

If you want inexpensive disposable anchors, see P/N 412364 or 412366 (Snappy disposables). The Snappy is a disposable anchor (box of 8 or 25) that when you are done using it, just break it off or bend over the anchor and then just tile or shingle right over it leaving it in place. You can attach your retractable or lifeline rope directly to it.

To see any or all of the products mentioned on our website, just type in the product name or part number mentioned in our “Search” box. You’ll be able to see a picture and all specifications and performance data.


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