Authorized Guardian Fall Protection SRL Service Center


With 2 West Coast locations, Roofmaster is the local choice for repairs and recertification of Guardian’s Edge, Daytona, 3-Way, Yellow Jacket and Big Block Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL).  Armadillos are currently required to be repaired and recertified at Guardian’s headquarters.  We stock the parts and components in order to facilitate a 24 hour turn-around from receipt of a Purchase Order.

Roofmaster has service centers in Monterey Park and Hayward, CA that are certified to perform warranty repairs, recertification (required every 2 years under normal use per Guardian’s recommendation) and general repairs.  If your SRL is involved in a fall send it in along with a letter from the competent person on site and the incident report.  Guardian will replace it and related items free of charge.  Roofmaster can also accommodate repairs out of our Kent, WA and Decatur, GA warehouses.

Some helpful hints when dealing with retractables:

  • Fill out the “Date of First Use” on the back of the retractable
  • Make sure the end user is properly trained
  • Make sure the trained end user inspects the unit before each use for signs of damage, defects, misuse, rust, wear or malfunctioning components
  • Check lifeline retraction by pulling it out a minimum 4 feet, pulling sharply to test locking function
  • Inspect the lifeline condition, function and condition of fasteners, and legibility of labels
  • Have a trained and competent person perform both monthly and yearly inspections
  • Unit must be recertified every 2 years, from date of first use, by an authorized repair center
  • Never tie off an extended lifeline – this will damage the spring’s memory
  • Use the line tether to allow the lifeline to slowly retract (never allow lifeline to snap back into housing like a tape measure)

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