Leister Varimat V2 Demos


We had a great turnout at our Varimat V2 Demo Day in Monterey Park.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by.  And thank you to the guys over at ABC Supply in Monrovia for donating a roll of TPO for our demo’s.

Everyone that showed up “a doubter” was blown away seeing the V2 weld at 39.3 ft/min and at lower than expected temps (perfect 40mm welds at 900°F in some instances).  The Leister nozzle (patent pending) is almost twice the size of the V nozzle, and allows for more hot air to hit the material.

Carlos from Ruiz Roofing inspects a weld after 39.3 ft/min

Experienced Leister welders were impressed with the quality of welds performed by the new V2, at speeds demonstrated from 6 ft/min up to 39.3 ft/min (more than double the V’s 16.2 ft/min capability).

James shows off a successful weld at 39.3 ft/min and 900F

The demo also gave us the opportunity to show off our Monterey Park Leister Service Center.  We stock all regular Leister parts for both Varimat and Triac S handguns and can still repair the older Variant.  We also have authorized service facilities in Hayward, CA and Kent, WA.

Scott shows a customer the benefits of the air dam


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