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Pouring Pots

April 30, 2010

When Tarrant Manufacturing decided to stop making asphalt & hot tar pour pots & nozzles in the late 90’s, Roofmaster bought out their stock and had several dies made so they could continue to offer the more popular pouring pots.

We offer many different styles of pouring pots, from crack fillers (with or without legs):

Cone shaped crack and joint fillers feature a drip tight control valve for finger tip control.  Material stream flows ahead of operator for repair of expansion joints and pavement cracking

Brick and Joint Fillers:

A crack filler for sealing expansion joints and pavement cracks.  Unique nozzle provides 3 size openings.  Steel fin guides pot along crack or seam.

Emulsion Spreaders:

Features a sheet pouring baffle for a wide, thin, even sheet of asphalt emulsion.  Also for fanning out light tars and road oils

Pipe Coaters:

Covers pipe with 4″ wide concave-tip nozzle.  An even coat is obtained when a fabric sling is squeezed back and forth at pour point

Sprinkler Pots:

Provides uniform sprinkling of light materials.  Used for thin patches and stone dust laying.  Large round nozzle features 1/8″ diameter holes

Adjustable Pouring Pots/Strip Pourers:

Features 4″ nozzle in a horizontal or vertical position for narrow strip pouring.  Used for highway maintenance, roofing or pipe line work.

and Vertical and Horizontal Sheet Pourers:

Features 8″ nozzle for sheet pouring asphalt

The pouring pots come with screens that block chunks of asphalt, tar or other liquids from flowing into the pot during filling.  The crack fillers do not come with screens


What is Irish Flax Felt?

April 26, 2010

How many people know what Irish Flax Felt is?

Commonly known as Irish, it is a product that was actually made in Belfast, Ireland.  It is composed of flax felt that is asphalt or bitumen saturated.  Because of the way it is made and its flexibility, it is a great product for tie in between old and new roofs and around drains.  It has been used for shower pans and to waterproof around protrusions in a roof that might be the attachment point for a sign (or a drain, masonry wall, deck flashing, etc).  We sell it to the marine industry where it is known as “ship’s felt”.

Roll of Irish Felt (with close-up of felt texture)

It is a product that is very mold-able and hard to tear, thus the different uses.  I am sure there are other uses.

We currently call the product Flax Sheathing Felt.  I can remember years ago when the rolls would come in wood crates and would actually be square from shipping.  We currently import the rolls in a container and then box ten rolls to a shipping container.  By doing it this way, the rolls are round and easy to unroll, cut with a Dexter or hook knife and apply.

Being an asphalt product, Flax loves hot asphalt.  Just cut it to the shape you want and then hot mop it in.

If you have an unusual application where flexibility is important, try a little Flax Sheathing Felt.  Who knows…

New Heavy Duty Feltslitter option

April 23, 2010

Have you ever had difficulty using your Feltslitter on rubberized  or APP modified bitumen?  Tired of cutting extra thick rolls by hand, or using a reciprocating saw?

We have customers tell us they loved how our Feltslitter cuts through roofing felt like a hot knife through butter, but had trouble cutting thicker, reinforced rolls of modified bitumen.  We have an optional higher horsepower Heavy Duty Power Unit that can be purchased as an upgrade for a new Feltslitter, or purchased as a replacement unit (P/N 242105) for an existing Roofmaster 40″ Powered Feltslitter.  This is a 3/4 hp unit and has proven to be a way to cut those hard to cut rolls.

Unfortunately, this will not fit or work with other manufacturer’s units.  But, since the Roofmaster Feltslitter incorporates an updated design (faster gear-reduction electric motor, grease fittings at critical points, “open” Safety Guard design on the blade holder reduces trapped debris, new heavy-duty mandrel release with grease fittings), it might make sense to replace that old unit with the Roofmaster unit.

MSDS Sheets

April 13, 2010

To make it easier for our customers to comply with the requirements to have information available, Roofmaster has placed all their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) online.  Check the “Documents” section for the particular item or search “msds” on to have all of our products that require MSDS sheets display.

Leister Varimat V2 Demos

April 12, 2010

We had a great turnout at our Varimat V2 Demo Day in Monterey Park.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by.  And thank you to the guys over at ABC Supply in Monrovia for donating a roll of TPO for our demo’s.

Everyone that showed up “a doubter” was blown away seeing the V2 weld at 39.3 ft/min and at lower than expected temps (perfect 40mm welds at 900°F in some instances).  The Leister nozzle (patent pending) is almost twice the size of the V nozzle, and allows for more hot air to hit the material.

Carlos from Ruiz Roofing inspects a weld after 39.3 ft/min

Experienced Leister welders were impressed with the quality of welds performed by the new V2, at speeds demonstrated from 6 ft/min up to 39.3 ft/min (more than double the V’s 16.2 ft/min capability).

James shows off a successful weld at 39.3 ft/min and 900F

The demo also gave us the opportunity to show off our Monterey Park Leister Service Center.  We stock all regular Leister parts for both Varimat and Triac S handguns and can still repair the older Variant.  We also have authorized service facilities in Hayward, CA and Kent, WA.

Scott shows a customer the benefits of the air dam

The original Dragin Wagon

April 7, 2010

Did you know that Roofmaster bought the exclusive rights and trademarks to the Dragin Wagon when United Construction went out of business in 2006?

The “Original 7 Burner Dragin Wagon” still out sells all others and is the #1 choice of roofers because of its lightweight ease of use and the consistency of the flow of heat.  This is due to the construction of the manifold and burner heads being made of stainless steel.  The burner heads are precision manufactured and still imported (at greater expense) from Germany. The consistent flame is adjusted by the dual control handle (also imported from Germany) and can be done while in operation so you do not have to stop production while controlling your flame.  The torch manifold slides to adjust the flame distance, height and angle for precise application of heat and speed of production and allows the burners to move closer to the material roll as it gets smaller.

Roofmaster carries replacement parts for the Dragin Wagon, just search “dragin wagon parts” on

Remember, don’t use open flames on plywood decks, and make sure you have the proper fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, in addition to a safety spotter to ensure the person operating the Dragin Wagon doesn’t trip or fall backwards

Varimat V2 Demo Day

April 2, 2010

We’re having a Leister Open House on April 9 at our Monterey Park branch.  We’ll be showing off the features and benefits of the new Leister Varimat V2 and demonstrating the 39 feet per minute welding capability.  We’ll also show how to set and manage the welding pre-sets, and how the larger nozzle allows for lower welding temperatures.

Roofmaster will have drinks and sandwiches, so come by to take a look, or send your crew to get a head start on this exciting new tool from Leister!  We’ll be doing demos and answering any questions on Friday, April 9, from 10:00am until 2:00pm.

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