Recertifying your propane tanks


Did you know that per DOT regulations, no individual is allowed to fill a cylinder that is overdue for periodic re-qualification with a hazardous material and then offer it for transportation?

More on filling tanks: during a visual inspection, a cylinder that  has any of the following characteristics cannot be filled and offered for transport

  • a crack or leak
  • bulging
  • a defective valve
  • a leaking or defective pressure relief device
  • evidence of physical abuse
  • fire or heat damage
  • detrimental rusting or corrosion

Back to re-certifying.  There is a stamped date on your tank, after 12 years you need to have your tanks re-certified in order to have them filled.  After this first recertification, it’s a 5 year period until your tanks require a visual inspection.  At this point, your propane tank is 17 years old…and it’s probably a good idea to buy a new one.

Roofmaster sells (and can re-certify) all types of propane tanks, from a 5 gallon (20 lb) up to a 25 gallon (100 lb).  We can also fill your propane tanks in our Monterey Park branch


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