Aluma Wood Extension Ladders


Aluma Wood extension ladders were roofing favorites for a long time.  They were a combo of wood side rails, aluminum rungs (each rung was rodded), in addition to a flare base. It was lighter than a wood ladder (alum rungs), sturdier than aluminum (wood side rails) and had the stability of the flare base.

Unfortunately, Aluma Wood ladders were discontinued in 2007, and we sold our last Aluma Wood ladder in early 2008.  Roofers enjoyed these ladders because they wouldn’t “walk” or twist like an aluminum ladder due to the stability of the wood side rails.  With this in mind, we’ve also seen a decrease in the overall availability wooden ladders (due to the decrease in availability of quality wood for the side rails).

We carry a wide variety of other ladders and ladder accessories to help you solve your roofing challenges


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