Flat proof tires have been used in industry for many years. There have been foam-filled tires, solid tires and modified foam tires. We’re introducing the newest innovation in flat proof tires: The NFL (Non-Flat Lite) tire!

Non-Flat Lites are made of a light weight Micro-Cellular Polyurethane elastomer that is injected into a regular pneumatic tire, filling the entire air cavity of the tire making it completely flat proof and maintenance-free. Unlike traditional “foam filled” tires, this product is one-third the weight and was specifically designed for applications where heavy equipment loads are critical.

The process of making Non-Flat Lite tires doesn’t produce any environmentally unsafe byproducts, unlike many other chemical sealants. The foam is safe to throw away, and preserves the tread-life, which results in less worn out tires in landfills.



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